Atle Sponberg - Foto: Rolf M. Aagaard
Photo: Rolf M. Aagaard


Together with some of Norway's leading musicians Atle Sponberg is active with a variety of concert projects spanning much of the classical repertoir and more. One of Sponberg's passions is Argentine tango, which he studied with legendary violinist Fernando Suarez Paz in Buenos Aires. Atle Sponberg is engaged in three different tango projects.

Brahms with friends

Exquisite chamber music for all friends of Johannes Brahms and the intimate music format.

Gunilla Süssmann- Piano quartet no. 1 in G minor, op. 25
- Piano quartet no. 2 in A major, op. 26
- Piano quartet no. 3 in C minor, op. 60
- Piano quintet in F minor, op. 34

- Atle Sponberg and Camilla Kjøll, violin
- Lars Anders Tomter, viola
- Øystein Birkeland, cello
- Gunilla Süssmann, piano

Tango quartet

Marcello NisinmanMusic by the legendary Argentinean composer Astor Piazzolla for tango quartet.

- Atle Sponberg, violin
- Andreas Rokkseth or Marcello Nisinman, bandoneon
- Sveinung Bjelland, piano
- Mats Eilertsen, double bass

Tango for angles

Per Arne GlorvigenConcert for four soloists and orchestra with music by Astor Piazzolla and Sverre Indris Joner. The project is titled after Piazzolla large work "Concierto del Angel".

The concert has received top critical acclaim everywhere like in Tønsberg where Fredrik Rütter wrote the review in Tønsberg Blad.

- Atle Sponberg, violin
- Per Arne Glorvigen, bandoneon
- Sverre Indris Joner, piano
- Steinar Haugerud, double bass

Tango with Julia

Julia ZenkoConcert with the wonderful tango singer from Buenos Aires. Julia Zenko has visited Norway several times, also with The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and have received success wherever she has performed.

- Julia Zenko, soprano
- Andreas Rokseth, bandoneon
- Atle Sponberg, violin
- Sverre Indris Joner, piano
- Chamber orchestra

From a concert with The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra in Jakob church in Oslo



Gutta boys

Knut Erik Sundquist og Atle SponbergTwo programs with unbounded communication between musicians and audience. Together with double bass player Knut Erik Sundquist Atle Sponberg offers easy music from the classical repertoire.

- "Gutta boys and the classic choice": Reveals
   classical secrets
- "From gregorian chant to Lady Gaga": Musical
   history in only one hour

Brahms' double concerto

Øystein BirkelandIt was a great success in Kristiansand in summer 2012 when Atle Sponberg and Øystein Birkeland were soloists in the Brahms concerto for violin and cello with Orkester Norden led by maestro Rolf Gupta. Emil Otto Syversen in the newspaper Fedrelandsvennen wrote:

"Then came Brahms last major orchestral works, the double concerto for violin and cello, with Atle Sponberg and Øystein Birkeland as eminent soloists. The interplay between the soloists were exemplary, and the same must be said about the interplay between orchestra and soloists."

- Atle Sponberg, violin
- Øystein Birkeland, cello
- Symphony orchestra

Baroque project

Rolf LislevandAtle Sponberg has collaborated with leading musicians within the baroque music. The current concert project includes selected works performed in a lively and communicative way.

- Rolf Lislevand, lutt
- Atle Sponberg, fiolin